The Advocacy and Organizational Development program prepares students to master the skills to advocate for and support organizations and communities through informed research and theory. Become a leader in advocacy, community engagement and organizational development. This interdisciplinary program will equip students with the theory and practice to lead and advocate for change in a variety of settings. Students will focus on the following areas:

  • Community development and social change;
  • Organizational dynamics;
  • Nonprofit leadership and management;
  • Research and evaluation; and
  • Field-based experience.

Theories on advocacy, communication, conflict resolution, organizational dynamics and community engagement can be immediately applied in non-profit and for-profit settings. Classroom instruction and assignments draw on students’ experience along with training in conceptual, theoretical and methodological applications.

Graduate Programs

Contact Information

Shanta Hattikudur, associate professor of instruction, is the program coordinator of the Advocacy and Organizational Development program.
Phone: 215-204-6101