A Vocational Intern Certificate will be issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for a three-year period for teaching an approved secondary career and technical education program in the Commonwealth. During this time, the candidate will complete undergraduate or graduate requirements within the Temple University career and technical education teacher preparation program.


The candidate must be accepted into the career and technical education teacher preparation program at Temple University and pass the appropriate occupational competency examination. The candidate must complete and submit all the necessary documentation to Temple University. The University will then recommend the candidate for the Vocational Intern Certificate.


The Vocational Intern Certificate is good for three (3) calendar years from the date of issue. For example, an intern certificate issued any time in August of one year will expire on July 31 three years later. You can only apply for the intern certificate if you are currently teaching or guaranteed a full-time teaching position. PDE will not renew an intern certificate.

Applicants must have:

  1. been accepted for enrollment in Temple's vocational teacher preparation program;
  2. passed the appropriate occupational competency examination [pdf] or credentials review for those competency areas where occupational competency examinations do not exist;
  3. been recommended for the Vocational Intern Certificate by Temple University; and
  4. met all other requirements provided by law (School Code 1209 and Title 22, Pa. Code, Section 49.12).

The Vocational Intern Certificate shall be issued for the period of time needed by the applicant to complete 18 semester hours within the approved vocational teacher preparation program, but in no case shall the validity period exceed three calendar years from the date of issuance.

Intern Teacher Responsibility

PDE maintains that certification is the responsibility of the teacher. PDE strictly adheres to time limits. Temple's Center for Professional Development in Career & Technical Education will guide you through the process of obtaining CTE teacher certification. The Center assists in the choice of courses in which to enroll, the location of courses offered, preparation for all necessary testing, and responding to questions or concerns. However, it is the responsibility of the teacher to know the expiration date of a particular certificate and what is needed to keep it active. This includes processing of paperwork. Paperwork must be submitted to the center at least two months in advance of a certificate expiration date. Praxis testing, at best, should take place a year or no later than six months before a certificate expiration date. This is a safeguard against not achieving necessary test scores.

The candidate is responsible for communicating with the CTE Coordinator of Teacher Certification, Advising and Admission. Application documents and directions are available through that office.

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