Temple's Career and Technical Education program provides services that facilitate the awarding of the Pennsylvania Vocational II Certificate. The Vocational I certificate is valid for six years. During this time, career and technical education teachers will complete all the requirements for the Vocational II certificate. The Vocational II certificate is permanent but subject to renewal every five years. It is the responsibility of each certificate holder to obtain the Level II Certificate before the service life of the Level I Certificate expires.

Requirements for Vocational II Instructional Certificate

  1. completed 3 years of satisfactory teaching with a valid Vocational Instructional I Certificate attested to by the chief school administrator of the approved public or nonpublic school entity in which the most recent service of the applicant was performed;
  2. completed 60 credit hours in an approved program in the appropriate field of vocational education;
  3. presented evidence of having passed the basic skills test:
  4. passed the student teaching assessment using the PDE 430 Evaluation form;
  5. completed an approved induction program; and
  6. received the recommendation of Temple University. 

Holders of Level II Certificates must continue to meet Act 178 and State Board of Education Chapter 49 requirements in order to keep their certificates valid. For the most current information, please access the PDE Website.

Required Coursework

Listed below are the undergraduate course requirements for the Vocational Instructional II Certificate. The courses are listed in the typical sequence in which they may be taken. 

Undergraduate Teacher Education
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=PSY%201901">PSY 1901*</a>Introduction to Psychology
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=EDUC%202109">EDUC 2109*</a>Adolescent Development for Educators
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=EDUC%202255">EDUC 2255*</a>Effective Use of Instructional Technology in Classrooms
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=EDUC%204788">EDUC 4788</a>Student Teaching in Career and Technical Education

* Prerequisites for ED 4788

Professional Career and Technical Education
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=EDUC%204111">EDUC 4111</a>Classroom and Conflict Management Grades 4-12
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=EDUC%201255">EDUC 1255</a>Inclusive Education for a Diverse Society
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=EDUC%202306">EDUC 2306</a>Assessment and Evaluation
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=EDUC%202103">EDUC 2103</a>Socio-cultural Foundatins of Education in the United States
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=MATH%201021">MATH 1021College Algebra
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=ECON%201101">ECON 1101</a> or <a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=ECON%201102">ECON 1102</a>Macroeconomic Principles or Microeconomic Principles
Science I Elective<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/courses/biol/">Biology</a> or <a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/courses/envs/">Environmental Science</a> or <a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/courses/phys/">Physics</a>, etc.
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=HIST%201101">HIST 1101</a> or <a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=HIST%201101">HIST 1102</a>U.S. History to 1877 or U.S. History since 1877
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=ENG%201141">ENG 1141</a>Introduction to Literature
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=SECE%203796">SECE 3796</a>Differentiated Literacy Instruction in the Disciplines 7 through 12
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=ENES%203338">ENES 3338</a>Foundations of Language Teaching: Teaching English Language Learners in Grades 4 to 12
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=MATH%201022">MATH 1022</a> or greaterPrecalculus or later mathematics course
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=CTE%204324">CTE 4324</a>Industry-based Coordination Methods for Work-based Learning
<a href="http://bulletin.temple.edu/search/?P=CTE%204285">CTE 4285</a>Industry Education Capstone and Field Experience for Work-based Learning

How to Apply

Apply for the Vocational I Certificate through the PDE Teacher Information Management System (TIMS). Once you complete and submit the application with payment, the application will be forwarded to Temple's Certification Officer and processed by the university.

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