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In recognition of university-based scholars in the United States who are doing the most to shape educational practice and policy, Rick Hess of EducationWeek released the 2019 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings. In this year's ranking, two College of Education faculty members were recognized in the top 20. Sara Goldrick-Rab, professor of higher education policy and sociology was ranked sixth, one spot up from her 2018 ranking. Marc Lamont Hill, Steve Charles professor of media, cities, and solutions and professor of urban education, was ranked #16, a 39 spot improvement from his 2018 ranking of #55. 


As far as attention in the education press, Goldrick-Rab topped the charts. Goldrick-Rab has been ranked for eight consecutive years. Her previous rankings are as follows:


2018: 7th

2017: 10th
2016: 13th
2015: 29th
2014: 62nd
2013: 60th
2012: 31st


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