Photo of James M. Meyers

James M. Myers EDU'19 fully embodies Temple University's official motto—Perseverantia Vincit, or "Perseverance Conquers."

While working towards an undergraduate degree in finance at the Fox School of Business, tragedy struck. In late December 2013, he suffered from a seizure. Jim was taken to Temple University Hospital and underwent a craniotomy to remove a large brain tumor. He recovered in time to attend Spring 2014 classes only eleven days after his surgery. Jim triumphed through his semester, later graduating in 2015 with a BBA in Finance. Following graduation, he moved to Chicago to work at a large multinational corporation for their hedge fund accounting team.

In 2016, Jim decided to move back home to Pennsylvania to change to a career in healthcare with a national provider. Unfortunately, his brain tumor recurred after a short time in his new position. Jim had his second surgery at Temple Hospital in November 2016. This time, the tumor was identified as brain cancer. He underwent six weeks of concomitant radiation/chemotherapy, which was followed by 12 more months of supplemental chemotherapy.

Jim decided to start a new chapter in life by giving back to communities and sparking change in students' lives. He returned to Temple, this time as a graduate student in the College of Education, to pursue a teaching certification in Business, Computers, and Information Technology. Jim was determined to continue down the road of education and service. During his recovery, he worked as a substitute teacher, rekindling his appreciation for learning.

During the 2019 Spring semester, Jim accomplished so much—student teaching five days a week while attending classes three nights per week. Even though Jim is often affected by side effects, he continues to prioritize his time towards enriching the lives of others. Jim has achieved a 4.0 graduate grade point average and will hold dual certification in Business, Computer and Information Technology and Technology Education when he graduates this week.

Jim's commitment to education and selfless focus on giving back to others is truly revered by the College of Education.

"On behalf of the College of Education, we're so proud of Jim's resilience and commitment to helping others. I wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors." - Dean Gregory M. Anderson