Masaki with his mother
Masaki Bolte EDU 19 and his mother
Temple University Photography

Easton, Pennsylvania native, Masaki Bolte EDU '19 is a natural born educator. From being Drum Captain in high school to being a Peer Advisor at the Shimada Resource Center at Temple's College of Education and Human Development, Bolte consistently took up every opportunity that would have an impact on others.

Now, Bolte gets to continue his educational endeavors post-grad as a Social Studies teacher at Hill-Freedom World Academy in Philadelphia.

Bolte was inspired to go into education after being heavily involved in his high school's music leadership. He credited his high school band and orchestra director for being his educational role model.

"Like [my band and orchestra director], I wanted to make long-lasting memories and life lessons with my future students. As Drum Captain and Band President, I had a responsibility to help teach young members how to read and play music, and how to march. I loved seeing the lightbulb moment when players finally achieved something they worked for."

Bolte continued applying his love for education as a Secondary Education Social Studies major at Temple. Although his first semester was difficult balancing a full-time job and classes, Bolte persevered. During his second semester, he began to invest himself more in his courses and activities at the College of Education and Human Development; this was a significant pivot for Bolte.

Bolte kept himself busy at Temple by being a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Alpha Theta, being a member of the Student Recreation Board, being a Peer Advisor at the Shimada Resource Center, and being a Peer Instructor.

Bolte noted being a Peer Instructor was his favorite memory associated with the College of Education and Human Development.  

"As a peer instructor, I worked with the former Academic Advisor Meg Brynes once a week in planning and preparing curriculum. I helped freshman students transition to their first year of college and learn more about Temple's resources and how to manage their time effectively.  This helped me dip my toes into teaching and interact with other education students at Temple."

Along with his educational activities, Bolte still was involved in music, playing in three active bands in Philadelphia.

Now, as Bolte begins the next chapter in his life at Hill-Freedom World Academy, he looks forward to having his own classroom and working with students every day. His overall goal in the classroom is to be the teacher that goes above and beyond relaying content to students.

"I want to form relationships with students and learn who they are as individuals. I think having a great teacher-student rapport is fundamental in being an exceptional teacher and I look forward to building a classroom environment that reflects this."