Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Affairs Janet Distel at the College of Education and Human Development won both the Mid-Atlantic Region Excellence in Advising - Administrator award and the National Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Advising Administration award from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) in Spring 2020. 

Distel is recognized for demonstrating qualities associated with outstanding academic advising of students.

"I was a little shocked upon hearing about these awards because I know there are so many dedicated and talented professionals in this field," said Distel. "Receiving these awards means a lot to me because it honors the work that I do and my contributions."

Distel oversees undergraduate and graduate advising at the college. She implements retention initiatives, does assessments and makes data-driven decisions and continuously strives to provide high-level services and programs to students, faculty and staff.

"For me, advising is not just about guiding students through their degrees and ensuring timely graduations - though that is very important!" said Distel. "High quality advising is about teaching students how to figure out their options, make informed decisions and navigate systems; life skills that carry a person far beyond their time here at the College of Education and Human Development."

For Distel, the feedback she has received from her recognition has been just as meaningful as the awards themselves.

"The words people wrote in support of my nomination and in congratulatory messages have truly touched and humbled me. Those sentiments have buoyed me through the challenges we have all faced during these past few months and they will resonate for a long time." 


Distel would like to specifically thank the following Temple faculty and staff for their kind words:

Julie Booth - Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs and Graduate Faculty, College of Education and Human Development

Candice Frazer - Assistant Director of Undergraduate & Graduate Affairs, College of Education and Human Development

Timothy Fukawa-Connelly - Associate Professor, College of Education and Human Development

Peter Jones - Professor, College of Liberal Arts

David Logan - Director of Academic Advising, Tyler School of Art and Architecture