Autism MVP Foundation members pose with check
Autism MVP Foundation’s 5th Annual Walk Event in November 2019
Courtesy of Autism MVP Foundation

The College of Education and Human Development is pleased to announce a generous $50,000 pledge from the Autism MVP Foundation to establish the Autism MVP Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund. This endowed fund will award an annual scholarship to students enrolled in Temple's Master of Science in Education (MSEd) in Applied Behavior Analysis program.

Additionally, as part of the College of Education and Human Development's Centennial Scholarship Challenge, Dean Gregory M. Anderson has agreed to match this gift with an additional $50,000 to support five students enrolling in the MSEd in Applied Behavior Analysis program in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Graduates of the MSEd in Applied Behavior Analysis program help fill the growing demand for individuals with applied behavior-analytic training in social service agencies and educational institutions, particularly in service of individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Keith Green, Klein '91 and STHM '96 is the founder and executive director of the Autism MVP Foundation. The organization, which is comprised entirely of volunteers, is the first donor to take advantage of the dollar-for-dollar match from the college in support of the Promising Mental Health Professionals Scholarship.

Taking advantage of the Centennial Scholarship Challenge is a great way to utilize matching funds to support students today, while the donor invests in student support for the future. Endowing a named scholarship fund will generate income for financial aid in perpetuity; the college's match will provide much needed financial aid immediately.

"Our Board is excited to support Temple's graduate students who are future leaders in special education and applied behavior analysis," said Green. "For me, Temple has provided more than I could ever give in return, so it is extremely rewarding to assist students who will make a difference in the lives of people like my son who are on the autism spectrum," added Green.

The mission of Autism MVP Foundation is to increase the number of autism-focused educators and therapists to meet the current and future needs of students on the autism spectrum. Autism MVP accomplishes this by supporting training and professional development programs for teachers, therapists and paraprofessionals, and by providing scholarships.

"Working with Keith on this gift has been so gratifying and motivating. His passion for supporting educators and professionals who support those with Autism and their families is inspiring," said Derek Coffman, major gift officer in the College of Education and Human Development. "By making this gift and taking advantage of the Centennial Scholarship Challenge, Keith and the Autism MVP Foundation will be able to sextuple the number of students supported over the next two years," added Coffman.

This scholarship is for incoming, full-time graduate students enrolling in the MSEd in Applied Behavioral Analysis program. The scholarship is renewable for the duration of the student's academic career, as long as the scholar remains enrolled in the program.

To learn more about establishing a named scholarship fund or how to take advantage of the Centennial Scholarship Challenge, contact us at