Dan Overbay in a red and blue checkered shirt.
Photo courtesy of Dan Overbay

Dan Overbay, director of enrollment management at the College of Education and Human Development, is a new face in town and at the college. 


Overbay, a native Alaskan, moved to Philadelphia from Portland, Oregon this summer after accepting the position with the CEHD. 


A higher education professional with over twenty years of experience in public access-oriented institutions, Overbay is an advocate for first-generation college students. He is committed to utilizing his skills and expertise to achieve equitable opportunities and student outcomes. He has extensive knowledge of university enrollment management and student services. 


"Nationally, there is a trend of lower enrollments across all sectors of higher education, community college, public and private. Fewer and fewer people are going to college," Overbay said. "I want to try and change that. Change the narrative. Going to college changed my life," Overbay added. "I am a first-generation college student, and it put me on the career path I'm

on today."


Overbay was involved in enrollment management, student affairs and student services. He was a student ambassador, orientation leader and then an admissions counselor. Because of his work as an undergraduate, Overbay decided that he wanted a career in higher education.


As the director of enrollment management, Overbay leads a team of four professional staff members to execute integrated enrollment management strategies and activities designed to increase student enrollment.


Overbay's goals and plans include a holistic approach. The enrollment team will continue to review data, including enrollment in the College as a whole, the individual programs, and departments. He believes it's more than recruiting. "We will look at retention and how we grow programs," Overbay said.


The team will look at the programs that have the most potential for growth and that have the most potential to attract new students.


Overbay added that he had a fantastic onboarding experience and is excited to welcome the College's new and returning students. He has had the opportunity to speak with the department chairs and is prepared for his team to help with the growth of the College.