Aerial view of students walking on brick-paved path near Ritter Hall, a brick building. The sky is bright blue. There are trees by the path and a water feature.
Ryan S. Brandenberg

Meet the Academic Department Chairs


As we kick off a new academic year at Temple's College of Education and Human Development, get to know your academic department chairs and see a complete list of full-time faculty.


Policy, Organizational and Leadership Studies

Department Chair: Christopher McGinley

  • Academic and Research Interests:
    School and School District Leadership
  • Favorite thing about Temple's CEHD:
    It's home to me. I went here as an undergrad majoring in elementary education and completed my courses for principal certification here as well.
  • Favorite course to teach:
    Ethical Leadership
  • Best part about working with CEHD students:
    That they are people who make things better for children in classrooms and schools across the region.
  • Favorite thing about Philadelphia:
    I should say the history and the people but I also love the great restaurants!
  • Hobbies:
    Scuba, biking, swimming and travel
  • Biggest Inspiration:
    I am the product of the hopes and dreams that my grandparents brought to this country as immigrants. I come from a family of educators and have been inspired by so many great teachers and leaders who are warriors for justice that keep me hopeful and energetic.

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Faculty Affiliations 2023

  • Advocacy and Organizational Development (AOD)
    Coordinator: Armando Estrada
    Associate Coordinator (Fall only): Janice Laurence
    Armando Estrada, Professor (AOD, ARE)
    Janice Laurence, Professor (AOD, ARE)
    Charles Price, Associate Professor (AOD, HDCE)
    M. Meghan Raisch, Assistant Professor of Instruction (AOD, HDCE)
  • Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP)
    Coordinator: Chris McGinley
    Associate Coordinator (Master's Program): ShaVon Savage
    Sarah Cordes, Associate Professor (ELP, URBE)
    Maia Cucchiara, Associate Professor (URBE, ELP)
    Christopher McGinley, Professor of Practice (ELP, CTE)
    Beth Olanoff, Associate Professor of Instruction (ELP, Higher Ed)
    ShaVon Savage, Associate Professor of Practice (ELP, MGSE)
    Lori Shorr, Associate Professor of Instruction (URBE, ELP)
    Judith Stull, Professor of Research (ELP, Higher Ed)
  • Higher Education
    Coordinator: Jennifer Johnson
    Gregory Anderson, Professor (Higher Ed, ELP)
    James Earl Davis, Professor (Higher Ed, AOD)
    Richard Englert, Professor (Higher Ed, ELP)
    Jennifer Johnson, Associate Professor (Higher Ed, ELP)
    Monika Williams Shealey, Professor (URBE, Higher Ed)
    Katie Smith, Associate Professor (Higher Ed, EPSY)



Psychological Studies in Education

Department Chair: Shanta Hattikudur

  • Academic and Research Interests:
    Child and Cognitive Development
  • Favorite thing about Temple's CEHD:
    The people (the students, faculty, and staff are so wonderful to work with).
  • Favorite course to teach:
    It's hard to choose one, but probably Cognitive Development and Learning.
  • Favorite place on campus:
    The fountain outside Ritter.
  • Fun Fact:
    I've visited 6 out of 7 continents (it would have been 7, but the helicopter ride to Antarctica got cancelled due to bad weather conditions).
  • Biggest Inspiration:
    My aunt and uncle were both professors in city colleges and made an imprint on their students' lives--and mine.

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Faculty Affiliations 2023

  • Applied Research and Evaluation (ARE)
    Coordinator: Joseph DuCette (Fall); Jim Byrnes (Spring)
    James Byrnes, Professor (Ed Psych, ARE)
    Joseph DuCette, Professor (ARE, Higher Ed)
    Avi Kaplan, Professor (Ed Psych, ARE)
  • Counseling Psychology (CPSY)
    Coordinator: Cathy Fiorello
    Associate Coordinator: Crystal Austin
    Crystal Austin, Assistant Professor of Instruction (CPSY, AOD)
    Heidi Hutman, Associate Professor of Instruction (CPSY, HDCE)
    W. Joel Schneider, Professor (CPSY, SPSY)
    Renée Tobin, Professor (CPSY, SPSY)
    Daniel Walinsky, Associate Professor of Instruction (CPSY, CTE)
  • Human Development and Community Engagement
    Coordinator: Kelly McGinn
    Shanta Hattikudur, Professor of Instruction (Ed Psych, HDCE)
    Shana Levi-Nielsen, Assistant Professor of Instruction (HDCE, SPSY)
    Kelly McGinn, Assistant Professor (HDCE, ELP)
    Benjamin Torsney, Assistant Professor of Instruction (HDCE, AOD)
  • School Psychology (SPSY)
    Coordinator: Jessica Reinhardt
    Cathy Fiorello, Professor (SPSY, PHE)
    Xu (Lilya) Jiang, Associate Professor (SPSY, PHE)
    Paul Jones, Assistant Professor and PHE Program Coordinator (SPSY, PHE)
    Laura Pendergast, Associate Professor (SPSY, ARE)
    Jessica Reinhardt, Associate Professor of Practice (SPSY, HDCE)



Teaching and Learning

Department Chair: Kristie Newton

  • Academic and Research Interests:
    How mathematical thinking develops and what impacts that development
  • Favorite thing about Temple's CEHD:
    The care that is placed on students, both on campus and in the surrounding communities.
  • Favorite course to teach:
    Math methods for middle grades. This time is full of critical transitions, including mathematical ones!
  • Best part about working with CEHD students:
    Their willingness to be creative and try new ideas with their own students.
  • Hobbies:
  • Biggest Inspiration:
    Overall, I would say my dad was my biggest influence. From very early, he emphasized the importance of education. I took it to heart, and now my entire career has been devoted to it.

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Faculty Affiliations 2023

  • Early Childhood/Elementary Education (ECE)
    Coordinator: Judy Flanigan
    Associate Coordinator: Annemarie Hindman (Fall); Meixia Ding (Spring)
    Julie Bacak, Clinical Assistant Professor (ECE, MGSE)
    Jean Boyer, Asst. Prof of Instruction (ECE, SPSY)
    Carol Brandt, Associate Professor (SMET, ECE)
    Meixia Ding, Professor (ECE, SMET)
    Judith Flanigan, Associate Professor of Instruction (ECE, Literacy & Learners)
    Annemarie Hindman, Professor (ECE, Ed Psych)
    Sabina Neugebauer, Associate Professor (ECE, TESOL)
    Barbara Wasik, Professor (Ed Psych, ECE)
    Christine Woyshner, Professor (ECE, URBE)
  • Middle Grades & Secondary Education (MGSE)
    Coordinator: Tim Fukawa-Connelly
    Janelle Bailey, Associate Professor (SMET, MGSE)
    Julie Booth, Professor (SMET, MGSE)
    Wanda Brooks, Professor (Literacy & Learners, MGSE)
    S. Elizabeth Diamond, Associate Professor of Practice and CTE Program Coordinator (MGSE, CTE)
    Tim Fukawa-Connelly, Professor (MGSE, Higher Ed)
    Sue Kelley, Clinical Assistant Professor (MGSE, ECE)
    Kristie Newton, Professor (MGSE, SMET)
    Tim Patterson, Associate Professor (MGSE, URBE)
    Michael Smith, Professor (MGSE, Literacy & Learners)
  • Special Education (SPED) and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
    Coordinator: Jason Travers
    Joseph Boyle, Associate Professor (SPED, MGSE)
    Kathryn Burke, Assistant Professor of Research (SPED, MGSE)
    Art Dowdy, Assistant Professor (SPED, ABA)
    Sally Gould-Taylor, Associate Professor of Research (SPED, ELP)
    Julie Kessler, Associate Professor of Instruction (SPED, MGSE)
    Matt Tincani, Professor (SPED, ABA)
    Jason Travers, Professor (SPED, ABA)
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
    Coordinator: Di Liu
    Di Liu, Assistant Professor of Instruction (TESOL, MGSE)
    Tamara Sniad, Associate Professor of Instruction (TESOL, HDCE)
    Jill Swavely, Professor of Instruction (TESOL, MGSE)
    Elvis Wagner, Associate Professor (TESOL, MGSE)