Julie Booth in a colorful blouse
Photo courtesy of Julie Booth

Julie Booth is a prominent leader in math research, currently serving as the CEHD Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs and Graduate Faculty at Temple University. Her groundbreaking work in education has significantly impacted, particularly in developing innovative, research-based education practices. With Allie Huyghe, an assistant director at the Strategic Education Research Partnership Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing education through research, Julie Booth has embarked on a remarkable project known as "MathByExample."

The "MathByExample" project is a testament to Julie Booth's leadership and dedication to improving math education. In this initiative, they have crafted a series of free example-based lessons in elementary math and algebra. These lessons help students enhance their mathematical comprehension and problem-solving skills. One of the project's distinguishing features is that it involves students reading and analyzing correct and incorrect solutions to mathematical problems.

The students who participate in the "MathByExample" project are encouraged to identify the correct solutions and understand the reasoning behind them. Furthermore, they are tasked with pinpointing the misconceptions that led to incorrect answers. This unique approach to math education empowers students to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts.

Julie Booth and Allie Huyghe's commitment to equitable education is also evident in their work. They have extended their efforts to support schools serving high percentages of low-income students and students of color in California and Maryland. By partnering with teachers in these communities, they aim to replicate the success of "MathByExample" in geometry education, further ensuring that students from all backgrounds can access high-quality math instruction.

Julie Booth's leadership and contributions to math research, mainly through the "MathByExample" project, exemplify her dedication to advancing education and empowering students to excel in mathematics. Her work benefits individual students and contributes to the broader goal of creating a more inclusive and equitable education system.