Top Reasons Why It’s Great to be a College of Education and Human Development Student
CEHD Student, Jennifer Mittelman, and her experience at Temple University. From being a resident assistant to performing in the Temple University Diamond Bands and more!
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Mittelman, Temple University Diamond Bands Photo by Jeremy Weber

Hi! I am Jennifer Mittelman, a fourth-year student studying Adult and Organizational Development at Temple University's College of Education and Human Development (CEHD). There is so much to love about CEHD, but these are my favorite things about being a student here. 

Personable and Helpful Professors  

The CEHD professors I have taken a course with are personable and helpful. They make me feel excited to learn and comfortable participating. When I have questions, they are prepared and happy to answer.  

One of my favorite courses was "Leadership in Organizations" taught by Professor Janice Laurence. This course focuses on gaining skills that help students become change agents across organizational environments. For this class, students interviewed a current leader to discuss their experience, which helped me learn another perspective on managing organizations and making change. Professor Laurence always welcomed questions and feedback and, in my experience, CEHD professors are eager to meet students where we are. I feel respected and supported by the faculty. 

The courses in CEHD focus on education research and practice that make students effective educators. From Leadership in Organizations to Research Methods, the courses and faculty always push me to think innovatively. The professors challenge students to think about the field's most pressing issues and how we can help solve them. 

Variety of Majors and Career Paths  

As an Adult and Organizational Development major, I am gaining the skills to facilitate trainings, mediate conflict, and direct workplace interventions. The skills we learn in this major apply to many fields. The person sitting next to me in class will likely want to pursue a different career from me. I know a classmate who wants to be an occupational therapist and another who wants to be a school counselor. I plan to work in marketing. CEHD is a dynamic place because the students have unique passions and goals. CEHD offers several undergraduate majors: Adult and Organizational Development, Career and Technical Education, Human Development and Community Engagement, Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education, Secondary Education and Special Education. CEHD also offers several undergraduate certificate programs, minors and accelerated +1 dual-degree programs, which are great opportunities to advance your knowledge and expand your career options.  

Accessible Advisors 

CEHD academic advisors guide students from the time they are new students to their degree completion. Although students are recommended to go to advising at least once a semester, they are available for more frequent meetings. They can answer questions, connect students to resources, and create individualized academic plans. CEHD students can self-select an advisor, allowing them to pick the best fit for them. 

I have met with academic advisors to help create my course schedule, check in about Fly in 4, and when I needed help changing my major (I came to Temple as an undeclared liberal arts student, but after taking exploratory courses, I joined CEHD). The transition to CEHD was clear and easy thanks to the advisors. They had a positive attitude and made sure I understood my new major and what my future semesters would look like. 


Our CEHD home is the Ritter Complex, close to a lot of popular campus spots. Many food options are located right outside of Ritter Hall. You can find food trucks and the campus' beloved Bagel Hut. In between classes, I often walk across the street to the Student Center food court. The Student Center is also where a variety of student resources are located, including the Information Desk, the Book Store and the Cherry Pantry, a food pantry available to everyone at Temple University. Liacouras Walk is popular among Temple students. After leaving Ritter, I sometimes stop at Saxby's on my way to Charles Library.  

Temple University is located in Philadelphia, known for its rich history, culture and activities. College of Education and Human Development students can easily access the city and all it offers. Students can attend concerts at The Met, visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art with a student discount, attend sports games and much more. Students also have the opportunity to work in different areas of Philadelphia through field placements and internships. 

Job Opportunities  

CEHD prepares students for the workforce. Getting an on-campus job is a great way to do just that. I am a student content producer for CEHD's marketing and communications team. Since I am also studying communications, this perfectly combines my interests. I have friends who are peer advisors working in Ritter Annex's Shimada Resource Center, and friends who are leadership and career studies peer mentors working with students who experience intellectual disabilities. These are just a few of the job opportunities here.  

CEHD is home to many centers and institutes, and is also connected to local school districts and organizations. For example, we partner with Jumpstart, a national early childhood organization that trains students to work with young learners in under-resourced neighborhoods to promote high quality early learning for all. Through Jumpstart, CEHD students can gain the experience they need, as well as earning work-study or tuition awards. The Temple University GEAR UP Program partners with the School District of Philadelphia and the Norristown Area School District to provide resources and prepare students for postsecondary education.

The CEHD Office of Field Placement and Professional Experiences ensures that CEHD students are prepared with the skills we need to enter the workforce and that we are set up for success after graduation. They make sure students are immersed through practicum and early field experiences. Students also have access to a CEHD Career Development team located in the Shimada Resource Center and Temple's Career Center. 

The Mission 

CEHD's mission is to prepare all students as educational leaders and agents of change who employ leading-edge understandings and evidence-based practices in whatever setting they work. I am proud to be a part of a college that is dedicated to serving and transforming the community in many ways. I have gained invaluable skills, like making my work accessible to all people, public speaking, designing and facilitating training, working in groups, and understanding how organizations are managed. I am confident that I will be an asset to any team because of how CEHD has prepared me.  

The faculty, majors, location, job opportunities, and mission are just a few reasons that make it great to be a College of Education and Human Development Student. I am always finding more reasons!