John Murphy in a blue shirt and smiling.
Photo courtesy of John Murphy.

John J. Murphy has been selected as the distinguished keynote speaker for the 43rd Annual School Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Conference.


This prestigious event is hosted by Temple University School Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and ABA Programs in collaboration with esteemed partners such as the Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania and the School District of Philadelphia.


The conference is scheduled for Friday, March 15, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., at Temple University's Howard Gittis Student Center.


Murphy, an internationally recognized figure in the field, brings decades of experience as a practitioner, author and trainer of solution-focused practice. Renowned for his innovative approaches to therapy and counseling, Murphy's insights promise to engage and inspire attendees, whether seasoned professionals or aspiring students.


"This conference serves as a unique opportunity for professionals, students, and the broader Philadelphia community to explore the ever-evolving landscape of psychology and behavior analysis," said Heidi Hutman, counseling psychology faculty and coordinator of the conference.


"We're thrilled to bring together experts like Dr. John J. Murphy and other esteemed presenters to share insights, spark discussions, and inspire positive change. Join us on March 15 for a day of learning and connection."


Murphy's notable achievements include being a finalist for the NASP School Psychologist of the Year award and contributions to prestigious publications such as the New York Times bestseller "Switch" and Fast Company magazine. His expertise also extends to educational materials, with significant contributions to Victor Yalom's "Child Therapy with the Experts" and APA's "Psychotherapy in Practice" series.


As an author, Dr. Murphy has penned nine influential books, including "Solution-Focused Therapy" (APA, 2024) and the award-winning "Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools," now in its 4th edition (ACA, 2023). His profound impact on psychology is evident in the widespread adoption of his methodologies and practices by professionals worldwide.


Murphy's connection to Temple University as a guest speaker in professor Jessica Reinhart's class further underscores his dedication to education and mentorship. He served as a guest speaker virtually in her classes, during which Reinhart used Murphy's books in her counseling sessions, allowing students to observe the application of his approaches firsthand.


"I hope attendees will come away with a very practical way to honor people's cultural traditions, resources and strengths," said Murphy. "Everybody has inner and outer resources that can help them achieve therapy goals. I want people to leave with an appreciation that every single client, regardless of their circumstances, offers a unique and valuable set of resources that can be leveraged to help them achieve their therapy goals," added Murphy.


At the conference Murphy will deliver a keynote presentation titled "The Secret Sauce of Therapeutic Solutions." This keynote promises to be a captivating exploration of innovative therapeutic approaches, emphasizing the role of indigenous resources in constructing effective solutions.


In addition to Murphy's keynote address, the conference boasts a lineup of esteemed presenters, including renowned scholars and practitioners Melanie Pellecchia, Arpana Inman, Shannon Ryan, and Ashley Stewart. Attendees can anticipate a day brimming with insightful presentations, engaging discussions and invaluable networking opportunities.


Registration for the conference remains open until March 13, 2024. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the conference website for further details and to secure their attendance at this premier event.