The Department of Policy, Organizational & Leadership Studies (POLS) aims to prepare our graduates for roles as school and community leaders, scholars, researchers and advocates. We strive to create a caring, committed community of scholars and practitioners who work collaboratively and link scholarship to practice. Further, we believe that learning and education can be enhanced through the application of organizational knowledge to teaching, curriculum development, and learning in the service of groups and organizations.

Our faculty is committed to furthering theoretical understanding, but in such a way that new knowledge can be used. The true measure of scholarly work is its impact on the lives of those who are not scholars, in its applicability to situations, difficulties, and opportunities encountered by teachers, students, and families every day. POLS is concerned with teacher education and educational leadership, as well as with the training of professionals who develop and disseminate knowledge educational researchers, consultants, and practitioners, and those who teach in higher education. We also prepare professional psychologists for work in prevention, teaching, research, remediation, counseling and consulting.

Programs and Curriculum

The POLS Department supports an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and scholarship. Program areas include:

Contact Information

If you have additional questions about programs or curriculum in the Department of Policy, Organizational, and Leadership Studies, please contact:

Department Chairperson

Christopher W. McGinley, EdD
Professor of Practice and Department Chairperson

Academic Coordinator

Emily Carney
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