Is there a GPA requirement to participate in the +1 program?
Yes. All programs require a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA.  Students with a GPA close to but not yet at 3.00 are still welcome to apply. Applications will be continuously reviewed to take into account new grades and a new GPA. 
I am a transfer student. Can I still participate in this program?
Yes. You must have a 3.00GPA from the transferring institution. If you are coming in as a “Junior” entrant you must have no more than 4 semesters left at Temple or no more than 2 semesters left at Temple for “Senior” entry.
I am a part-time student. Can I still participate in this program?
No. As per University policy regarding +1 Accelerated Programs, all participating students must be full-time.
How many graduate classes will I be taking as an undergraduate?
Our +1 Accelerated Programs require three or four graduate classes. Please check your desired +1 program for specific requirements. 
Will my graduate courses count for undergraduate credit?
Yes.  As part of the agreement with your undergraduate college, the graduate courses will count for undergraduate “free elective/elective” credit on your undergraduate transcript. After you complete your undergraduate degree and after you have formally matriculated into the Masters program*, the graduate level indicator will be added to these same courses.  These courses/credits will then also count towards the Masters degree credit requirements.
What happens to my graduate courses if I opt out of the +1 program before I complete my undergraduate degree?
Completed graduate courses will remain on your transcript as undergraduate courses/credit.
What happens to my graduate courses if I opt out of the +1 program after I complete my undergraduate degree?
Completed graduate courses will remain on your transcript as undergraduate courses/credit.
If I choose not to complete my +1 year at Temple, will my graduate level courses transfer as graduate level credit to a different institution?
Your graduate courses will appear as undergraduate courses/credits on your undergraduate transcript.  It would be up to the other institution as to how the credits would transfer.
Can I take a Leave of Absence before starting my +1 year?
It is possible. You will need to file a Leave of Absence Request with the College of Education’s Graduate School prior to the start of the +1 year. You may take one or two semesters of permitted absence after your undergraduate graduation.  
I have an undergraduate scholarship.  If I earn my Bachelor’s degree in less than 8 semesters, can I apply the remaining balance to my Graduate tuition?
No.  Undergraduate scholarships are awarded for undergraduate studies. Contact Student Financial Service for the specific terms of your award. However, the College of Education does offer competitive scholarships for qualified Masters applicants*.
I would like to apply for the +1 Accelerated Dual Degree program …insert program name.  What are my next steps?
  1. You should first meet with their undergraduate advisor to make sure that you meet eligibility requirements – GPA, time to graduation, and if you have room in your schedule for the required graduate courses. 
  2. Students will apply for the program using the online +1 Accelerated Degree application form.

If you are applying for entry as a junior, you should apply in the spring semester of your sophomore year. If you applying for entry as a senior then you should apply by the final semester of your junior year.  Late applications may be reviewed providing space is still available.

How and when do I become fully transitioned to Masters level status*?
In your senior year, you must formally apply to the College of Education Graduate Masters Program. Once your application is approved (and you accept your place) then you will become a College of Education Masters student.
What happens if my GPA falls below 3.00 and/or I fall below full time status and/or I earn less than a B in a graduate course and/or I do not graduate with my baccalaureate degree in the required semesters and/or I do not apply to the Graduate School by the required deadline?
For any of the above reasons you will be de-enrolled from the +1 Accelerated Program.
What if I am not accepted?
You may still apply for the master's program upon completion of your bachelor's degree.