Providing low-cost school testing and psychoeducational evaluations for children and adolescents struggling with reading, math, attention or learning in school.

Temple University’s Psychoeducational Clinic provides comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations for children, adolescents, and young adults who are experiencing academic difficulties. Difficulties may be related to learning, attention, or neurological problems. We also assess school problems related to social, behavioral, or emotional problems.

The evaluation process consists of five three-hour sessions and includes the following components:

  • An interview with the parents or guardian regarding the child’s background and academic history.
  • A classroom observation and interview with the child’s teacher(s).
  • A battery of tests to assess some or all of the following areas: cognition, perception, attention, information processing, adaptive behavior, academic achievement, personality, and social, emotional and behavioral functioning.
  • A final session with the parents or guardians to share the evaluation results and recommendations for home and school. A written report will follow.

Our evaluations focus on developing specific recommendations to support the learning and development of students who are struggling in a variety of areas at school and at home, including but not limited to those students who:

  • Are having difficulty with reading or math
  • Are receiving failing grades in school
  • Are showing behavior problems in school
  • Are having trouble paying attention in class
  • Have a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD
  • Are unable to keep up with schoolwork
  • Hate going to school
  • Are having trouble learning letter names and sounds
  • Are disorganized and do not complete work
  • Appear unhappy much of the time
  • Do not understand what they read
  • Have trouble remembering or following directions
  • Often daydream during class

A psychoeducational evaluation can help address these concerns and others for children and adolescents experiencing difficulties in school.

About Our Clinicians

The Psychoeducational Clinic is staffed by advanced graduate students in the School Psychology Program at Temple University. These students are observed and supervised by experienced, doctoral level licensed and certified school psychologists.