Producer: Rachel Howe

How do you get to college and what are the challenges along the way? In this podcast, Rachel Howe, GEAR UP Coordinator at Temple University, interviews college students who volunteer with the GEAR UP program in North Philadelphia high schools about their journeys to college and what life is like when they finally get there. Each story is unique and surprising, intended to show high school students that everyone faces hurdles and that college is within their reach. This podcast was produced by Rachel Howe at Temple University’s College of Education and Human Development for the Philadelphia School District GEAR UP Grant in cooperation with the Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development (PHENND)


College Journeys Episode 01: KyraKyra: Big Heart for Philly

Kyra worked on a farm in high school, saving up for college. She heard terrible things about the city, gritty Philly, so she decided to go to college down South. Culture shock led her back home.

College Journeys Episode 01


College Journeys Episode 02: DominqueDominique: The Stones Along the Way

Dominique arrived at Temple University feeling unprepared academically and unready to choose a major. She didn't have a profound a-ha moment like in a movie, but she found her way anyway, gradually and with a lot of hard work and several setbacks. Like most of us do. This photo was taken outside of City Hall, where she interned last summer.

College Journeys Episode 02


College Journeys Episode 03: BrooklynBrooklyn: When You Find Your Passion

Brooklyn had to work hard to get to college without a lot of guidance or support. Once she arrived, a whole new world opened up.

College Journeys Episode 03


College Journeys Episode 04: BriannaBrianna: The Role Model

Even though she has many family obligations, Brianna has worked hard to get herself into college and find success. This is her story of determination. (This photo was taken outside of City Hall where she had an internship with the Mayor's Office last summer.)

College Journeys Episode 04


College Journeys Episode 05: WellesleyWellesley: College Dreams Deferred

Wellesley is a trans student whose parents didn’t support him after he came out as gay. He found his way to college with the help of his girlfriend and his girlfriend's mother, but he continued to stumble until he eventually found his own way. At that time and at the time of our interview, Wellesley was living as a queer woman named Sadie and that is how he refers to himself in this episode.

College Journeys Episode 05