Temple's Career & Technical Education program is designed to prepare students who expect to teach career and technical education subjects in grades 7-12 and at the 2-year college level in public and private schools. Subject area content (occupational competency assessment credit for industry experience) and professional education content are combined with general education content (university curriculum) in order to provide the student with a general education, a field of specialization, and professional training. Moreover, the curriculum aims to combine these elements in such proportions as to give students the balanced perspective of the relation that career and technical education bears to education as a whole.

This non-degree undergraduate program meets the requirements for Pennsylvania Department of Education instructional certificate in Career and Technical Instruction (grades 7 through 12).  A bachelor's degree is not awarded upon completion of this non-degree program.  You will complete only the coursework and in-service necessary to meet Pennsylvania Department of Education certification requirements for the associated teacher certification.  

Requirements for Career & Technical Education Undergraduate Non-degree Program as of Fall 2020

Required Courses

Required courses for CTE Undergraduate Non-degree Program as of Fall 2020

Course Number

Course Title


Career & Technical Education Certification I Requirements

CTE 3101

Principles of Career and Technical Education


CTE 3102

Teaching Strategies in Career and Technical Education


CTE 3103

Curriculum in Career and Technical Education


ENG 0802

Analytical Reading and Writing


SPED 2231

Introduction to Special Education


SPED 4103

Classroom Management and Positive Behavior Support


Career & Technical Education Certification II Requirements

AOD 1166

Interpersonal Processes through the Life Span


CTE 3372

Project-based Learning for Today's CTE


CTE 4324

Industry-Based Coordination Methods for Work-Based Learning


CTE 4331

Industry-Based Instructional Methods for Work-Based Learning


CTE 4416

Professionalism, Evaluation, and Assessment in Secondary Education


EDUC 1017 OR
Math 1021

Algebra and Algebraic Thinking for Educators OR
College Algebra


EDUC 2103

Socio-cultural Foundations of Education in the United States


EDUC 2109

Adolescent Development for Educators


HDCE 2304

Families and the Community


MATH 1015

Introduction to Numbers & Figures


SPED 4105

Assessment in Special Education


SPED 4109

Educating Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings


TESL 3631

Principles and Practice for Teaching English Learners


Supervised Teaching

EDUC 4788

Student Teaching in Secondary Education/Career Technical Education


Lists the required courses for students beginning their Career & Technical Education undergraduate non-degree program in Fall 2020 or following term.

Student Teaching

Supervised teaching is required for Level II certification.  

Additional Requirements for Certification

To be eligible for certification, students must successfully complete the Intermediate Performance Assessment (IPA), Senior Performance Assessment (SPA), and a presentation before the Council of Educators (COE), as well as attain passing scores on all required examinations as determined by the Pennsyvlania Department of Education (PDE).  Candidates who have completed all coursework, assessment, and examination requirements must complete an application to PDE to be evaluated for recommendation for certification by Temple University.  For more information, visit PDE's Career and Technical Certification

Contact CTE Advisor

CTE Teacher Certification, Advising, and Admissions
phone: 215-204-8383
fax: 215-204-5154
email: cteadvising@temple.edu

Note: About Summer II / Fall 2020 Program Changes

In response to changes in certification requirements issued by the Pennslyvania Department of Education, the College of Education and Human Development has modified the program requirements for several academic programs.  These changes, as approved by Temple's Board of Trustees, are effective for students beginning their program in Summer II 2020 or Fall 2020 and beyond.  To ensure students can adequately plan their course of study, the college is posting the revised program requirements.  This information will remain available until the updated 2020-2021 Temple Bulletin is published in August 2020. 

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