March 2021

While spring typically signals flowers and spring break are not far away, things still continue to follow their own unique path this year. Like many other universities, Temple canceled this year’s spring break to allow more time at the beginning of the spring semester for students to quarantine. Making that change probably won’t create as many fun sun-filled beach blast stories, yet may be even more memorable. As I contemplated that thought and noted March is National Women’s Month, it occurred to me that many women might have had the same kind of experience through the years, having an idea of what they wanted to do and being unable to attain it due to factors beyond their control, yet through their patience and perseverance, they were often able to reach their goals or even higher.

I personally can attest to how Temple has been a leader in supporting women, as my great aunt earned her education degree from Temple over 90 years ago. Temple has supported many such opportunities and the advancement of women through the years. As part of Women’s History Month, we encourage you to share your stories of support and empowerment through your experience at Temple and the education and connections made here via

In this month’s eNewsletter, we feature two women, Patience Lehrman and Sally Gould-Taylor, making an impact in our programs and the community. 

Wishing you a warm, sun-filled March full of support from your friends in the College of Education and Human Development community.

Ed Stoner
Assistant Dean of Development and Alumni Relations
College of Education and Human Development
Temple University