Dr. Carol B. Brandt's research and teaching interests include science education, educational ethnography, and alternative learning environments such as the design studio. Her research explores the sociocultural dimensions of learning environments that result in more equitable approaches to science teaching. Dr. Brandt’s expertise focuses on problem-based learning, the studio as a learning environment in design-based education, and understanding equity in science inquiry through discourse practices. Her research contexts include school classrooms and informal learning environments such as after-school programs, science museums, and maker spaces. She is published in several journals including Science Education, Ethnography & Education, and Cultural Studies of Science Education. Currently, she is a recipient of three National Science Foundation grants for science and mathematics research.

Research Interests

  • Anthropology
  • Discourse Processes
  • Science Education

Courses Taught




ECED 3109

Science for the Early Years


ECED 5109

Science Education for the Early Years: PreK to 4


EDUC 0817

Youth Cultures


EDUC 5262

Introduction to Qualitative Research


EDUC 8502

Social Contexts of Learning


EDUC 9255

Research Seminar in Science, Mathematics, and Educational Technology


Selected Publications

  • Cennamo, K. & Brandt, C. (2020). Learning to be creative: Key interactions of the academic design studio. Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conference, CSCL, 1, pp. 167-174.