Dr. Catherine A. Fiorello currently serves as coordinator of the School Psychology Program. After completing her doctoral degree in school psychology, Dr. Fiorello completed a clinical postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Kentucky, focusing on assessment and intervention for children with AD/HD. Dr. Fiorello is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania and holds Board Certification in School Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology. Dr. Fiorello’s area of research specialization is in the area of cognitive and neuropsychological assessment. Her emphasis is on ensuring the fairness of these measures for students who are culturally and linguistically diverse and those growing up in poverty. She also has publications and clinical experience in the areas of learning and behavior disorders, health-related disorders, low incidence disabilities, intellectual giftedness, and school neuropsychology. Dr. Fiorello has served in a number of national professional organization governance positions, including as secretary and president of the Trainers of School Psychologists, secretary of the Council of Directors of School Psychology Programs, and treasurer, vice-president of education, training, and scientific affairs, liaison to the Board of Education Affairs, and president of Division 16 (School Psychology) of the American Psychological Association. She is currently an elected fellow of Division 16 (School Psychology) of the American Psychological Association and of the American Academy of School Psychology. Further, she is an examiner for the School Psychology Specialty Board of the American Board of Professional Psychology and a site visitor for the American Psychological Association Commission on Accreditation.

Research Interests

  • Assessment
  • Intelligence
  • Special Education

Courses Taught




SPSY 0828

The Meaning of Madness


SPSY 5671

Integrative Assessment


SPSY 8776

History and Systems of Psychology


SPSY 9487

Professional Issues and Practicum


SPSY 9487

Practicum in School Psychology


SPSY 9488

Advanced Practicum in School Psychology


SPSY 9688

Psychoeducational Clinic


SPSY 9986

Internship in School Psychology


CPSY 5492

Theories of Counseling Psychology


CPSY 5691

Diagnosis in Counseling Psychology


Selected Publications

  • Sarshar, M., Farley, F., Fiorello, C.A., & DuCette, J. (2019). T behavior: Psychological implications of thrill-seeking/risk-taking. Current Psychology. doi: 10.1007/s12144-019-00557-7

  • Hale, J.B. & Fiorello, C.A. (2017). School Neuropsychology A Practitioner's Handbook. Guilford Publications.

  • Codding, R.S., Mercer, S., Connell, J., Fiorello, C., & Kleinert, W. (2016). Mapping the relationships among basic facts, concepts and application, and common core curriculum-based mathematics measures. School Psychology Review, 45(1), pp. 19-38. doi: 10.17105/SPR45-1.19-38

  • Gilroy, S.P., Lorah, E.R., Dodge, J., & Fiorello, C. (2015). Establishing deictic repertoires in autism. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 19, pp. 82-92. doi: 10.1016/j.rasd.2015.04.004