Dr. Christine Woyshner's research focuses on the history of volunteer groups and education from the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. She investigates the role of civic voluntary organizations—such as the PTA, black fraternals, and women’s organizations—in the shaping of schools and curriculum, as well as the notion that these associations are sites of teaching and learning for their members and the wider community. She has also published on diversifying the K-12 social studies curriculum. Dr. Woyshner teaches courses on social studies methods across the K-12 spectrum and is an affiliated faculty member both in urban education and women’s studies. In addition to many articles and book chapters, she has authored as well as edited several books, including The National PTA, Race, and Civic Engagement, 1897-1970 (The Ohio State University Press, 2009), Histories of Social Studies and Race, 1865-2000 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), and Leaders in Social Education: Intellectual Self-Portraits (Sense Publishers, 2014).

Research Interests

  • Black Education
  • Curriculum
  • History

Courses Taught




ECED 3108

Social Studies for the Early Years, Pre K-4


ECED 3208

Social Studies for the Early Years, Pre K-4


ECED 5108

Social Studies Education for the Early Years: PreK-4


URBE 5565

The Origins of Urban Education


Selected Publications


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