In his service as Dean from 2013-2022, Dr. Anderson continued and strengthened the college’s already strong collaboration with the School District of Philadelphia and surrounding districts. Under his leadership, the college appointed new faculty who have contributed to a substantial increase in externally funded research expenditure and the college’s expanded research profile. Dr. Anderson has advanced the college’s prominence as a national center of excellence in research and teaching.
In 2009, Dr. Anderson was named dean of Denver’s Morgridge College of Education. Prior to that appointment, he served as an associate professor of higher and postsecondary education at Columbia University’s Teachers College. In 2006, he was granted an extended leave from Teachers College to become the higher education policy officer in educational opportunity and scholarship programs at the Ford Foundation in New York. Dr. Anderson serves on numerous national and regional boards including the Deans for Impact, A Running Start Philadelphia, and the University of North Carolina (UNC) Educator Quality Dashboard External Advisory Committee (EAC).

Selected Publications


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