Dr. James Earl Davis’ research focuses on gender and schooling outcomes; men, boys and masculinity; sociology of higher education; and applied research methods. He is particularly interested in issues of access and equity in the educational pipeline as they are informed by gender, race, class, and the intersection of these social locations. His research agenda has been driven by recurring questions related to what we know about the social context of identity and how institutions (e.g., schools, college and universities, families, and communities) and policy (e.g., education reform, gender-based instruction and schools) are implicated in academic and social outcomes. He’s had the opportunity to work with inspiring colleagues and graduate students who continue to refine his work and its impact. Currently, he has funding from the National Science Foundation for the project, “STEMing the Tide: Exploring Factors Related to Males of Color Interest, Engagement and Achievement in Mathematics and Science.” This project will facilitate the dissemination of the most recent research about identity and it relationship to science and mathematics achievement for boys and young men of color.

Courses Taught




EDAD 5742

Pro-Seminar in Ed Policy


HIED 5102

Administration of Higher Education


HIED 8101

Advanced Seminar on Higher Education Administration


HIED 8103

Equity in Higher Education Policy and Practice


HIED 8104

Seminar on Theory in Higher Education and Leadership


EDUC 5010

Seminar on Theory in Higher Education


Selected Publications