Dr. Janelle M. Bailey is an associate professor of science education in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Her research focuses on astronomy education and teacher development. This work has been funded by the National Science Foundation and NASA, and has been published in journals such as Science Education and Astronomy Education Review. She teaches courses for science teachers at all levels, as well as research design and methods, including mixed methods, for doctoral students. Dr. Bailey is a past president of the American Association of Physics Teachers and serves as an editorial board member or reviewer for several journals. Dr. Bailey earned her PhD in teaching and teacher education (astronomy education emphasis) from the University of Arizona; an MEd in science education from the University of Georgia; and a BA in astrophysics from Agnes Scott College.

Research Interests

  • Science Education
  • Teacher Education/Development
  • Faculty Development

Courses Taught




EPSY 8627

Introduction to Research Design and Methods


EPSY 8825

Advanced Data Analysis


MGSE 2189

Classroom Interactions


MGSE 3405

Teaching and Learning Science in the Middle Grades


MGSE 5146

Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Through Project Based Instruction


MGSE 5405

Teaching Science in the Middle Grades


EDUC 8504

Problem Solving and Reasoning in STEM Education


Selected Publications

  • McLaughlin, J.A. & Bailey, J.M. (2022). Students need more practice with spatial thinking in geoscience education: a systematic review of the literature. STUDIES in SCIENCE EDUCATION. doi: 10.1080/03057267.2022.2029305

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  • Bailey, J.M., Jamani, S., Klavon, T.G., Jaffe, J., & Mohan, S. (2021). Climate crisis learning through scaffolded instructional tools. Educational and Developmental Psychologist. doi: 10.1080/20590776.2021.1997065

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