Dr. Sarah Cordes' research and teaching interests are in the areas of education and urban policy, school finance, and applied quantitative methods. Her research focuses on the ways in which the urban context, including neighborhoods, housing, and charter schools, affect student outcomes. In particular, her current work explores the spillover effects of NYC charter schools on nearby public school students, the effects of residential and school mobility on student performance, and how changes in school resources influence parents' investments in their children's education. In other ongoing work, she is examining the effects of housing vouchers on student performance. She is a recent recipient of the C. Lowell Harris Dissertation Fellowship awarded by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy for her work on the relationship between school resources and parental investments.

Research Interests

  • Economics of Education
  • Educational Policy
  • Urban Education

Courses Taught




HDCE 4302

Economics for Education


EDAD 5403

Economics of Education


EDUC 5101

Critical Understanding of Social Science Research


Selected Publications

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