Dr. Jiang completed her doctoral training in school psychology at the University of South Carolina-Columbia. Before the appointment at Temple University, she spent five years as an assistant professor at the University of Memphis. She is an editorial board member for School Psychology. Dr. Jiang’ research focuses on adolescent social emotional well-being and psychological strengths (e.g., hope, growth mindset), especially their development in the family and school contexts. Her research also aims to better understand the role of diversity and cultural factors in positive youth development, and provide evidence to guide preventive and early intervention efforts in schools and communities.

Research Interests

  • Youth social-emotional well-being
    Development of psychological strengths
    Prevention and wellness promotion
    Resilience in diverse social and cultural contexts

Courses Taught




SPSY 9551



SPSY 9687

Clinical Supervision Seminar in School Psychology


SPSY 9688

Psychoeducational Clinic


EPSY 2325

Statistics for Decision Making


CPSY 5699

Crisis Prevention, Intervention, and Consultation


Selected Publications

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