+1 Accelerated Master's (Dual Degree) Programs in Urban Education

Temple's +1 Accelerated Programs in Urban Education provide academically qualified students a dual-degree option with a bachelor's degree in their intended undergraduate major and a Master's degree in Urban Education - graduating sooner than they would have completing two distinct programs.   Generally, students complete the degree requirements for the master's program with one additional year of study.  

The Master's degree program in Urban Education provides students with an understanding of the social context of urban schools, historical and contemporary school reform efforts, and the relationship between broader social, political, and economic issues and the experiences of students and communities.


+1 Accelerated Program Contact

Undergraduate & Graduate Affairs
Phone: 215-204-8011
Email: plus1@temple.edu

Program Contact

Lori Shorr, associate professor of instruction, is the faculty program coordinator for the Urban Education program.
Phone: 215-204-1950
Email: lori.shorr@temple.edu

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