Faculty are the glue that connects the university and the Philadelphia education system. Temple faculty and staff have the academic resources and expertise to work closely with Philadelphia educators to bridge the gap in college access. Having the ability to engage a diverse range of Temple University students and partners, understand each student in the classroom brings a wide range of learning experiences and goals as to why they are seeking a post-secondary education. As faculty, you provide a quality education to students and are the leaders in creating a community of student scholars. 

The GEAR UP program would like to bring together Temple University and its education community by creating a space for academia and mentorship to happen among Philadelphia’s educators.

What faculty can do:

Invite us to your classroom to speak about GEAR UP. We typically recruit at the beginning of each semester.

Make us a community partner for service learning. Students who engage in service as part of their class are more engaged and more likely to retain the course content. You can offer service learning as an alternative to an existing paper or project, or as a voluntary addition to many courses. 

Create a STEAM workshop for our high school students. Use your expertise and our structure to craft a meaningful experience for students whose schools tend to lack the resources to develop these on their own.

Community Partners

Our Philadelphia families are made up of neighbors who are a collective community. We, Temple University GEAR UP, are members of the North Philadelphia community. As a community, we have a responsibility to actively explore the needs of the community and how each individual can make a difference for the betterment of the people residing in the community.

Temple University GEAR UP has partnered with the School District of Philadelphia as a community partner to our North Philadelphia students and families to provide college preparation and college access through academic support, mentorship and campus resources.

We ask that you join us in our efforts in serving the North Philadelphia community through direct partnership with the GEAR UP schools and/or partnering with the Temple community in making equal education and college access a community effort.