College of Education and Human Development

The College of Education, one of the nation's top schools of education and a leader in research and preparing accomplished educators and human service professionals, expanded its name to the College of Education and Human Development. The new name, which was formally approved by Temple University's Board of Trustees in May, better reflects the college's expanding curricular offerings and its elevated commitment to education and human development. Additionally, the name change recognizes the important work of the college's centers and institutes in the North Philadelphia community and beyond. 

The new name marks the college's 100th anniversary and launches the college into the next century, aiming to attract new students and faculty with added academic offerings, new scholarship opportunities, and modern and inclusive spaces for teaching and learning. 

"The college's recent strategic changes and initiatives aim to better capture the breadth of the college's academic offerings, research activities, and service to the community. These initiatives will maximize the diverse expertise of our faculty and staff and opportunities for student success," said Dean Gregory M. Anderson. 

Earlier this year, the college launched the Centennial Scholarship Challenge, an initiative to promote the affordability of undergraduate and graduate degrees in the College of Education and Human Development. As a part of the challenge, the college will match up to $4 million in gifts over the next four years to establish new scholarship opportunities, including the Community College of Philadelphia Scholarship, the College of Education and Human Development Impact Scholarship, the Promising Mental Health Professionals Scholarship, and the College of Education Shape the Future Scholarship. 

As part of a collegewide assessment and planning process, a strategic realignment of academic programs occurred to further reflect the transformation of the college. Beginning fall 2020, the college is offering several new academic degree programs, including a Master of Education in Advocacy and Organizational Development, a Professional Science Master of Applied Research and Evaluation, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy, and a Bachelor of Science in Education in Special Education. The college's offerings aim to prepare students for the demands and emerging opportunities of the workforce in the 21st century. The expanded name highlights the college's diversified program offerings, like programs in human development and community engagement, organizational development, and applied behavior analysis. 

Additionally, plans to renovate the college's facilities have been set in motion. Like the other collegewide changes, the physical transformation of the college will better reflect and accommodate the high-quality learning and teaching happening on campus. The renovations, which will include a modern and efficient use of space, will transform the college and enhance collaboration and interaction between students, faculty and staff.

"As we physically and intellectually integrate the college's space, we will propel the College of Education and Human Development into a new era of excellence in education and human development, welcoming new students and scholars and setting the foundation for the next 100 years," said Anderson. 

The college's expanded name takes effect on July 1, 2020.