Research Administration

Research Administration

The Research Administration team in the College of Education supports faculty and centers with all aspects of research management from developing and submitting support proposals to post-award administration, reconciliation, and reporting.  Together, the team strives to fulfill three objectives: (1) enhancing the research productivity of College of Education (COE) faculty by assisting in the development of new grant proposals and facilitating new faculty research collaborations; (2) enhancing the intellectual climate of the COE and the scholarly development of COE faculty and students through workshops, invited talks, and other mechanisms, and (3) administering the funded projects of COE faculty and research scientists in a professional, efficient, ethical, and effective manner.  Each full-time faculty member is assigned a primary contact person within the team who can answer questions and provide budget guidance and reports, as needed. 

Research Administration Staff Directory
(215) 204-XXXX
E-Mail Address

Benns-Cook, M.

Asst. Manager, Finance & Accounting RH 258 0251
Nesmith, G. Asst. Director, Finance & Research Administration RH 254 4630
Poinsette, V. Asst. Director, Research Administration RH 262 8074
St. George, J Director, Finance and Accounting RH 256 4531