Scholarship Terms & Conditions

College of Education scholarship recipients must meet the following terms:

  • Enroll as a full-time student (as defined in the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins) in the College of Education at Temple University during the fall and spring semesters of the award year.
  • Register for courses by the first date of the fall and spring semesters.
  • Maintain a minimum undergraduate or graduate cumulative grade point average of 3.0 during the award year.
  • Apply the scholarship toward tuition and fees, distributed equally for the fall and spring semesters.
  • Scholarships cannot be extended or applied to a future semester regardless of the decision to take a leave of absence, medical withdrawal, or for any other reason for which the student does not maintain continuous enrollment in the College of Education during the award year.
  • Submit a typed, Microsoft Word thank you letter to the donor via AcademicWorks. Letters must be addressed “Dear Donor”. Letters must also include your name, degree (BA, BSEd, MEd, etc.), major/program, and expected graduation year. Additionally, please describe your academic and/or professional goals as well as the difference you intend to make in the community and/or in the field of education after receiving your degree. Lastly, please upload a professional photo of yourself to share with the donor.
  • Attend the College of Education Scholarship and Awards Recognition Event. The date will be communicated to students as soon as possible following their notification of award.
    • Attendance at this event is mandatory. The inability to attend may result in the removal of my scholarship award. In the event of a medical or family emergency, immediately contact the College of Education at
  • Allow the College of Education and/or Temple University to use your photograph, name, and any or all parts of the contents of your letter of acknowledgment and/or application for marketing purposes and/or for soliciting monetary or nonmonetary contributions to the College of Education.
  • Inform the College of Education via email to of any changes to your academic status (e.g., academic program, academic school or college, enrollment at Temple University, full-time enrollment status, and degree-level).
  • Authorize the College of Education at Temple University to release information about your academic and/or enrollment status progress to the selection committee and/or Temple University Student Financial Services.
  • Acknowledge that you have a moral and ethical, but not legal, responsibility to contribute to the Scholarship Fund after graduation and engage in Young Alumni Association programs, events, and activities. Acknowledge that doing so ensures future generations of students in the College of Education at Temple University have equivalent financial support opportunities.
  • College of Education scholarship recipients must also read and fully understand the requirements of receiving this scholarship and ackowledge that their scholarship is intended exclusively for your financial needs related to earning a degree from the Temple University College of Education.
  • Recipients must comply with guidelines detailed on this webpage and by the policies of the Temple University Office of Student Financial Services.
  • Failure to uphold any of the scholarship’s current requirements as outlined on this webpage will result in the recall of the funds and ability to apply for further financial assistance from the fund.