The Instructional Learning Technology  program provides students with the qualifications to become their schools’ technology leaders. Students gain the expertise to adapt technology to improve learning outcomes.

The Instructional Learning Technology Graduate Certificate features the option of earning Pennsylvania Department of Education certification as an Instructional Technology Specialist (PreK-12) [pdf] by completing additional state requirements.  The certificate can also be completed as part of several master's degree programs in the College of Education and Human Development.  

The program prepares instructional leaders to:

  • integrate technology into the curriculum and lesson planning;
  • know all your technology options, including assistive or augmentative tools;
  • manage hardware and software use for a classroom/lab, building, district or school; and
  • utilize technology to assist all learners with diverse needs and backgrounds.

Program Contact

Di Liu, assistant professor of instruction, is the program coordinator for the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program.
Phone: 215-204-4885


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