College of Education and Human Development students are one in a million. Our students work hard to become leaders in the fields of education and human development, building a better future for students and the community. Read on for our 2020 roundup of students who simply make us smile! 

Masaki Bolte, EDU '19

After graduating with a BSEd in secondary education: social studies education, Masaki Bolte began making an impact as a social studies teacher in Philadelphia. His journey started as a full-time educator at Hill Freedom World Academy, a middle and high school in Northwest Philadelphia, teaching three different social studies classes. Read more about Bolte's early teaching days here.




Stephanie Cuomo, EDU '20 & Jackie Kausch, EDU '20

College of Education and Human Development graduates Stephanie Cuomo and Jackie Kausch were both named English Teaching Assistants (ETA) in the Fulbright Student Program. 

The selective program places Fulbrighters in classrooms abroad to provide assistance to local English teachers. Read more about their accomplishments here

Elayna Curtain, EDU '21 & Rachel Kim, EDU '20

College of Education and Human Development students Elayna Curtain and Rachel Kim helped with the creation of Primary Source Sets for PA Digital. These sets are free for educators to use to supplement their curriculum and bring real-life historical documents straight to the classroom. Read more about their work here.  


Donovan Forrest, EDU '20

Donovan Forrest is the founder of the mentorship non-profit DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. Founded in 2015, DonCARES is dedicated to helping students in North Philadelphia achieve their dreams through education, mentorship and service. Read more about Forrest and listen to a podcast with him here

Adon Martin, EDU '21

Adon Martin, a counseling psychology master's student, was awarded the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) in Services for Transition Age Youth (STAY). The fellowship is awarded by American Psychological Association through the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. It supports the training of master's students preparing to provide mental health services to transition age youth (ages 16 to 25) and their families. Read more about Martin's award and aspirations here


Conor McDonald, EDU '18

Conor McDonald was in the midst of his first year of teaching when the COVID-19 pandemic closed his school to in-person instruction in early 2020. McDonald had to scramble to become an effective online teacher during an unprecedented time for so many educators. Read more about McDonald's transition to online teaching here


Kyle Morris, EDU '22

Kyle "The Conductor" Morris is a part-time executive leadership doctoral student shaping the future of Philadelphia's youth. In addition to his studies, Morris is the foundiing executive director of the nonprofit The Eco Foundation. The organization, established in 2018, encourages Philadelphia students, and the adults in their lives, to get more involved in their communities. Read more about Morris here.


Sydney Smith, EDU '23

As a participant in the Temple Education Scholars (TES) program, Sydney Smith was able to take college courses as a high school student. Now, as a full-time College of Education and Human Development student, Smith is one step closer to pursuing her dreams of becoming an early childhood educator in Philadelphia. Read more about Smith's college journey here