Adult and Organizational Development

College of Liberal Arts (B.A. or B.S.) + Adult & Organizational Development (M.Ed.)

This accelerated degree program (4+1) offers undergraduate majors from the College of Liberal Arts (B.A. or B.S. degrees) the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree and a Master’s Degree in Adult and Organizational Development within five years. The program develops students' awareness of the views and experiences of others and the relationship of individuals and groups to each other, to institutions and organizations, and to the larger society. The M.Ed. draws from social science theory and research to develop students' diagnostic and intervention skills in the areas of adult learning, strategic communication, systems perspectives, group decision-making, team development, training design, conflict management and conflict intervention.

Admissions Requirements

In order to be eligible for admission in to the 4+1 program students:

  • Must have a 3.0 Cumulative GPA by the end of the fourth semester. Transfer students directly entering the accelerated program may submit their transfer cumulative GPA. 
  • Must be a declared major in the Bachelor program and be able to complete the undergraduate degree in a total of 4 years. This also applies to Transfer students (“4 years” includes all semesters prior to matriculation at Temple).
  • Must have completed a minimum of sixty credits before the first semester of the junior year.
  • Must be able to take the required graduate courses as part of the undergraduate academic plan with no more than 1 graduate course per semester of the junior year and/or no more than 2 graduate courses in either semester of the senior year.

Application procedures and timelines

  1. Ideally, students should submit an on-line 4+1 Application Form by April 30th of the second semester of the sophomore year (or the semester before the start of their junior year). 
  2. 4+1 Application review and decisions will be made on a rolling basis. Applicants will be notified of the decision by email
  3. Once admitted to the 4+1 program, applicants will be able to self-register for the first and subsequent graduate classes. 
  4. Applicants will complete a formal application to the College of Education Graduate School no later than March 1st of their final undergraduate semester (senior year). 


These graduate courses are to be completed by the end of your senior year and will count towards both your undergraduate and graduate degree program requirements:  
Only students who have been accepted for the 4+1 Dual Degree program will be able to register for these graduate-level courses as undergraduates. 

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