+1 Accelerated Master's (Dual-Degree) Program in Italian (BA) + Secondary Education (MEd)

This +1 Accelerated Program offers Italian undergraduate majors in the College of Liberal Arts the exciting opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree AND, then, in the year following, a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education. The master's program meets the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s program requirements for Teacher Certification in Italian (Grades PreK-12).

Graduate Coursework and Tuition

Four graduate courses are to be completed by the end of your senior year and will count towards both your undergraduate and graduate degree program requirements:

  • EDUC 5402: Child and Adolescent Development (3 credits)
  • EDUC 5255: Technology in Classrooms: TPCK (3 credits)
  • MGSE 5427: Curriculum Methods in Foreign Language Education (3 credits)
  • MGSE 5428: Innovations in Foreign Language Education (3 credits)

Only students who have been accepted for the +1 Accelerated Program will be able to register for these classes. The graduate courses will be coded as undergraduate courses on your undergraduate transcript and undergraduate tuition will be applied. After you matriculate into the +1 Accelerated Program, the graduate level indicator will be added to these courses so that they may also count towards your master's degree.

+1 Accelerated Program Contact

Undergraduate & Graduate Affairs
Phone: 215-204-8011
Email: plus1@temple.edu

Program Contact

Tim Fukawa-Connelly, associate professor, is program coordinator of the Secondary Education program. 
Phone: 215-204-6206