+1 Accelerated Master's (Dual-Degree) Program in Geography & Urban Studies (BA) + Urban Education (MEd)

This +1 Accelerated Program offers undergraduate majors in Geography and Urban Studies the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree and, then, in the year following, a Master’s in Education (MEd) in Urban Education. The master's program in Urban Education provides students with an understanding of the social context of urban schools, historical and contemporary school reform efforts, and the relationship between broader social, political, and economic issues and the experiences of students and communities.

Graduate Coursework and Tuition

These four graduate courses are to be completed by the end of your senior year and will count towards both your undergraduate and graduate degree program requirements:

  • URBE 5401: Policy and Practice in Urban Education (3 credits)
  • URBE 5611: Reforming City Schools (3 credits)
  • URBE 5565: Origins of Urban Education (3 credits)
  • Plus One Elective (3 credits): Courses taken must be relevant to the student's choice of specialization: Educational Policy Studies, Foundations in Urban Education, School-Community Partnerships, and Teaching in Urban Schools.

Only students who have been accepted for the +1 Accelerated Program will be able to register for these classes as undergraduates. The graduate courses will be coded as undergraduate courses on your undergraduate transcript and undergraduate tuition will be applied. After you matriculate into the +1 Accelerated Program, the graduate level indicator will be added to these courses so that they may also count towards your master's degree.

+1 Accelerated Program Contact

Undergraduate & Graduate Affairs
Phone: 215-204-8011
Email: plus1@temple.edu

Program Contact

Lori Shorr, associate professor of instruction, is the faculty program coordinator for the Urban Education program.
Phone: 215-204-1950
Email: lori.shorr@temple.edu

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