Adding On a New Certificate

Pennsylvania educators who hold any Instructional or Intern certificate may add instructional content areas.  For some acceptable subject areas, this may be done by testing alone with no additional coursework required.  For other certifications, you'll be required to complete an approved academic program with additional coursework, in addition to taking and passing the appropriate test(s).   

Whether you are adding on to an existing credential by taking a test or if you have completed a new academic PROGRAM for the ADD-ON certification, you need to submit a new TIMS application and pay a new application fee.​

Adding Certification Through an Additional Academic Program

If you are adding a certification area to your existing Instructional or Intern certificate and that certification requires you to complete additional coursework in an approved academic PROGRAM (which includes Special Education Instructional Certificate, ESL Program Specialist and Endorsements for Autism and/or Theater),  you will need to submit a new application to TIMS AND you will need Temple’s Recommendation. In addition to completing your TIMS application and paying the associated application fee, you also need to submit a new Temple University Request for Recommendation Form. This applies to current and former students.

Adding Certification Through the Test-Only Option

 A PA instructional educator must take and pass the content area test for any acceptable subject areas to obtain additional certification areas.  If you are adding on an instructional certificate by TESTING ONLY, you do not need Temple’s recommendation.  After successful completion of the appropriate test,  you submit a new TIMS application and pay the associated application fee.


Visit PDE website for more information about Instructional Add-Ons>>

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