Choosing a Laptop or Desktop for College

Temple University students in the College of Education are not required to purchase/own their own computing device.  Computing resources are available to our students across campus, including in the TECH Center, as well as the Education Computing Center (ECC) and the Graduate Student Resource Room (RA 659).  However, owning your own computer enables you to easily take advantage of Temple's state-of-the-art technology resources for coursework, research and communication.

If you decide to purchase your own computer for school, we suggest you review the current  recommendations available on the Temple University Shopper's Guide.  The College of Education does not endorse a particular brand or type of computer for our majors.  We recommend you to select a name-brand manufacturer, such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo or Microsoft. These manufacturers generally use name-brand components and offer reliable customer support. 

Chromebook vs Windows/Mac Laptop

Through the support of Google for Education, Chromebooks have become very popular for use by students in grades K-12.  Temple students enrolled in a Teacher Preparation program in the College of Education or planning a career in public education or a related field may find that experience with using a Chromebook, instead of a traditional Windows or Mac laptop, may offer valuable professional preparation.  Google for Education provides an updated list of recommended Chromebooks for Education.

Chromebooks offer web-based access to many common tools used in coursework like Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and GSuite (Docs, Sheets, and Slides), as well as access to online storage via OwlBox and OneDrive.   However, not all features may be available and not all software and file types are supported on Chromebooks.  Students are advised that courses outside those offered as part of a Teacher Preparation program in the College of Education, including general education courses, may require software not supported by a Chromebook (for example Adobe Creative Cloud).  In these cases, a student who chooses a Chromebook as his/her primary computing device may find it necessary to access specialized software from a Temple computer lab or the TECH Center. 

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