Request a Letter Verifying Degree/Program and Certification

While the College of Education and Human Development will make every effort to accommodate requests for letters to assist with your employment opportunities, please be advised that the College of Education and Human Development cannot verify degree/program completion until the University’s graduation clearance process has been completed and your degree has been awarded to your transcript.

If you require a letter, please complete the Request for a Letter of Degree/Program Completion [pdf] form and return to the Certification Office. Please help us expedite your request by attaching a copy of your certification test score reports and if possible, please provide your PPID # from your MyPDESuite/TIMS application.

* Note:  You can obtain your official diploma date via the academic calendar on the University Registrar's web page.  For specific questions about your diploma or transcript please contact  Please allow 72 business hours for a response.

Certification Office

Temple University College of Education and Human Development
Attn. Certification Office
150 Ritter Annex
1301 Cecil B Moore Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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