The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) academic advising unit guides students from new student orientation to degree completion. Students work collaboratively with the CEHD advisors to develop individual academic plans, understand university policy, and to stay informed of college and university resources and information that can support their success. The goal of the CEHD advising is to support students as they create a path that helps them achieve their academic goals, and related personal and career goals as well.  

Academic advising is key in helping each student create an individualized and accurate academic plan. Meetings with an advisor are opportunities for students to ask questions, gather information about resources and engage in decision-making related to their goals. Academic advisors utilize best practices while guiding students, providing feedback and information so students can make informed decisions as they navigate their academic path. CEHD undergraduate students are not assigned a specific academic advisor, giving them the flexibility to self-select the advisor of their choice or to meet with any advisor who best fits into their schedule.

Who Should See An Advisor?

All College of Education and Human Development students are encouraged to see an academic advisor every semester. This helps the student in creating an accurate academic plan, while also giving students the opportunity to ask questions about such things as resources at Temple, certification exams, processes and deadlines, education abroad, and academic opportunities.

Most students are able to self-register, but we recommend that students consult an academic advisor before doing so. Registration is completed using Self-Service Banner (SSB), available through TUportal. Registration information and details are available online at the Office of the University Registrar. Students who MUST see an academic advisor before they can register:

  1. First semester students
  2. Students on academic warning. After an appointment with an academic advisor, students on warning will be provided a PIN allowing them to self-register.
  3. Students on academic probation
  4. Re-enrolling students

Current students can view the CEHD advising module on the College of Education and Human Development tab in TUportal for more information, and can self-enroll in the CEHD Undergraduate Canvas site.

CEHD Undergraduate Advising
Shimada Resource Center, Ritter Annex 150