Instructional I & II Certificate

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania currently provides two levels of teaching certification. The initial certificate, Instructional I, is also known as a provisional certificate. Level I Pennsylvania Instructional and Educational Specialist certifications are valid for six (6) years of service, not calendar years.

The applicant for the Instructional I Certificate must:

  • complete an approved certification program at the bachelor's or graduate level;
  • receive the recommendation of the college/university from which he or she is receiving certification;
  • meet all testing requirements established by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education; and
  • meet all other requirements established by the Pennsylvania School Code.

During the 6 years that the Instructional I is valid, the individual must complete an established set of requirements (e.g. coursework, teaching experience, or an induction program).  Upon completion of the requirements, the individual is eligible for the Instructional II Certificate. 

If the individual does not complete the established requirements within the statute of limitations mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Instructional I Certificate lapses and the individual becomes ineligible for employment in the Pennsylvania public school system. It is the responsibility of each certificate holder to obtain the Level II certificate before the service life of the Level I expires. Failure to do so will result in a lapsed certificate and the certificate holder will be ineligible for employment.

Converting an Instructional Level I Certificate to an Instructional Level II Certificate

If you have been teaching in Pennsylvania on a Level I certificate for 3-6 years of satisfactory service and have earned 24 post-baccalaureate credits, you can apply for a Level II certificate.  The following conditions must be met:

  • Six credits must be associated with your area(s) of certification and/or must be designed to improve professional practice. 
  • Credits earned at a state-approved Associate-degree-granting institution are now accepted toward Level II certification.
  • You must have three years of satisfactory service on a Level I certificate,  verified by the chief school administrator of the employing school entity
  • You must have completed a PDE induction program verified by the chief school administrator of your employing entity

Other requirements for Level II Certification (e.g. credit requirement and the induction requirement) depend on the type of Level I Certificate and the year it was issued.

Holders of Level II Certificates must continue to meet Act 48 and State Board of Education Chapter 49 requirements in order to keep their certificates valid.  Students must apply to the Temple University Registrar to receive Act 48 credit with PDE for eligible coursework completed at Temple University.

Career and Technical Education

The Temple University Center for Professional Development in Career and Technical Education provides vocational teacher certification services to Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers in eastern Pennsylvania. All CTE teachers must obtain a state-issued career and technical education teaching certificate.

Questions about certification

Additional information regarding certification is available online at Pennsylvania Department of Education: Certification. If you have questions regarding Level II, contact the Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality. Temple University undergraduate and graduate students with questions about certification should contact the Certification Office.

Certification Office

Temple University College of Education and Human Development
Attn. Certification Office
Ritter Annex Room 100
1301 Cecil B Moore Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19122
p. 215-204-8011 | e.
To request a letter verifying program completion please complete the Request a Letter of Completion online. 

The Certification Office is located in the Shimada Resource Center (Suite 150) on the first floor of Ritter Annex.