Education Computing Center
310 Ritter Hall
1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19122

The ECC is staffed during regular hours and consultants are available at the front desk to help with technology-related tasks.  For assistance, please call us at 215-204-6227.

ECC Staff

  • Greg Szcepanek, Assistant Director of Information & Instructional Technology, College of Education and Human Development,
  • David Matthews, Lab Manager, Computer Services,

Lab Consultants

Computer lab duty consultants are available in the lab to assist users with routine hardware and software problems. Students using computers to complete assignments will benefit from the following ideas:

  1. When seeking assistance from duty consultants, students must:
    • Have class notes and handouts available, as assignment directions may vary by instructor.
    • Perform keyboard input and mouse actions, as practice is an important part of learning.
    • Remember that there are many other students to be helped. No more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time may be spent offering assistance
  2. There are tasks which computer lab duty consultants DO perform, and tasks which they DO NOT perform. 

Tasks Assistants DO Perform

The following ARE Computer Lab duty consultant responsibilities:

  1. Answer routine software questions such as:
    1. Which computers have specific applications
    2. How to locate and launch applications on a specific computer
    3. How to transfer and convert files from one format to another
    4. How to use menus and toolbars in specific applications
    5. How to access web resources using web browsers
  2. Assist with hardware questions such as:
    1. How to power-on computers
    2. How to power-on scanners
    3. How to try to save data if computers have “frozen”
  3. Assist with printing questions such as:
    1. How to use the “Chooser”
    2. How to solve problems with slow printing (Patience is necessary as printers take time to print.)
  4. Keep and administer the schedule for reserved computers so that reservations are available to users on-time (Your cooperation is appreciated.)
  5. Tasks lab assistants will perform for you:
    1. Disinfect your media using virus protection software
    2. Try to retrieve files from damaged media
  6. Insure that all users follow Lab use guidelines.

Tasks Assistants DO NOT Perform

The following ARE NOT Computer Lab duty consultant responsibilities:

  1. Perform mouse movements or keyboard input
  2. Complete student homework assignments
  3. Complete group projects and/or presentations
  4. Critique student projects for correctness or determine if they meet assignment criteria
  5. Provide printing services for students to pick-up later
  6. Provide instruction on topics already covered in class to students who missed instruction.
  7. Provide stationary supplies and/or storage media.

Remember: Projects and project quality are the responsibility of each student. Obtaining an excellent product from computers takes time! Plan ahead! Save your work early and often!