Technology Support and Services

Technology Support and Services at the College

Need Help?

For fastest service, use the online request: TUHelp ( or call 215-204-8000. College of Education faculty and staff only may contact the Education Tech Support Team at 215-204-6227.

Understanding Technology Support in the College

The Temple University Help desk (x1-8000 or provides university-wide support for office computers and technology issues. Faculty and Staff will receive priority service by requesting help online using TUHelp ( The HELP desk should be considered your primary, central contact for assistance.

How does the Help Desk work?

When you initiate a service call either by calling, e-mailing, or filling out an online request to the Help Desk, a ticket number is issued and the following process occurs:

  1. A tech associate at the Help desk tries to resolve your problem by either walking you through a solution or by accessing central systems to reset passwords or implement other administrative solutions. They can also assist you with information about services available and how to access/request those services.
  2. If the tech associate cannot resolve your issue, your "ticket " is referred to the most knowledgeable group related to your issue. For example, if you report being unable to access the internet, then network services would receive your ticket. If, on the other hand, you report problems with Blackboard, then Instructional Support Center receives your ticket.
    1. If your ticket is related to your Office computer, it will be forwarded to the College of Education queue, where it will be taken care of on a first-come-first-serve basis by the Education support team (Greg Szczepanek, Aashir Aswad Nuri, and David Matthews). We usually complete tickets within 4-6 hours of receiving them. You can contact the Help Desk for a status at any time.
    2. Issues that the College is unable to handle internally are escalated to MicroComp/Lan Service and Support.

Meet the College Tech Support Team

The College technology support team includes:

  1. Aashir Aswad Nuri, Technical Support Specialist
  2. David Matthews, Computer Lab Support Specialist
  3. Rahel Teklegiorgis, CRM Suppor Specialist
  4. Greg Szczepanek, Assistant Director of Information and Instructional Technology
  5. Greg Konicki, Assistant Director of Administrative Systems
  6. Lori Bailey, Director of Information and Instructional Technology

Technical Support Specialist

Aashir Aswad Nuri's primary responsibility is to provide support for the College's faculty and staff offices, including all three departments and two centers. Aashir receives assignments via TUHelp or as directed by the Asst. Director of IT. The College also maintains a small student support staff, who works with the Tech Office, to assist with setups and installation of hardware and software and to quickly resolve smaller support issues.

Senior Technical Support Specialist (Computer Lab)

David Matthew's primary responsibility is to insure the smooth operation of our multi-classroom computer lab, the ECC (Education Computing Center). David oversees the maintenance of all hardware and software in the lab, insuring we have current and working equipment for use by our instructors and students. He assists in managing the student workers who provide coverage and support during lab hours. Dave also assists with Education faculty & staff support issues, as assigned by the Asst. Director of IT.

CRM System Specialist

Rahel Teklegiorgis primarily assists with graduate faculty and the Enrollment Management staff in the College to support and enhance our graduate application and recruitment tool - CRM Recruit (also known as Admissions CRM). 

Asst Director of Information and Instructional Technology

The Asst. Director oversees the day-to-day technology support for classrooms, labs, and faculty and staff offices.  Greg Szczepanek primarily oversees the TUHelp queue to ensure that requests are fulfilled in a timely and professional basis and to assist with problem-solving.  Greg also serves as the College liaison to other technology services, like Telecommunications and Blackboard support. 

Asst Director of Administrative Systems.

The Asst. Director of Administrative Systems supports faculty and staff in designing and maintaining technology solutions for managing business processes and tasks.  Greg Konicki  supports a variety of administrative systems and tools.  Greg assists with custom reports and data analysis (COGNOS), business processes (workflow), student data systems (TK20 and EdPortal), survey management (Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey), and online forms (JotForm and Wufoo).  

Director of Information and Instructional Technology

The College established the Director of IT position to oversee management of technology throughout all our programs, departments, and centers. Lori Bailey's primary responsibilities are to develop systems of data collection and reporting, track and oversee acquisitions of technology assets, develop and promote technology integration in the curriculum, and oversee and manage technology-related projects and spending. Lori is the college webmaster and manages college-related web sites, pages, and content.  Lori also serves as the College's Information Security Liaison, Accessibility Liaison, and Assessment and Evaluation technical support specialist.

Education Tech Support and the 5-Minute Rule.

While the Help Desk should be the primary contact for office support issues, the Education Tech Support Team assists in resolving small issues quickly and efficiently. Thus, we apply the 5-minute rule: if our staff can resolve the issue in 5 minutes or less, we will. If however, the issue is more complex, requires follow-up, or is related to network systems not under our domain, we will refer the user to the Help Desk to submit a formal request.

Director of IT as Help Desk Liaison

In addition to answering your simple tech support issues, the Director of IT serves as the College's liaison between users and the Help Desk. If, after contacting the Help Desk, your issue remains unresolved after 72 hours, unresolved after a visit from tech support, or expands to include new and additional concerns, you should forward your ticket number, along with a brief history of the problem to the Director of IT. The Director will then work with the necessary Temple services to resolve your issue promptly and completely.

Before You Call

Before you call for tech support, please make sure you rule out these common errors:

Access or Power Issues: Insure cords and plugs are securely attached.

Passwords: be sure you are using your current password, the caps lock key or number lock key is correctly set, and type slowly and carefully.

Printers: Do not change the ink cartridge until printing is noticeably lighter. If jobs do not print, go to your PRINT QUEUE and clear all jobs. Turn the printer off, pause, turn on again and retry your print.

Who Should I Call?

Below is a short list of issues and the recommended first-responder for each. If you cannot find your issue or are still unclear on who to contact, your best option is to contact the Help Desk (x1-8000,, or TUHelp online request form).

Contact Education Tech Support Team

Online: TUHelp (, preferred
Phone: 215-204-6227

Who to Call
Issue/Request Who to Contact First
Purchase/install new software Department*
Purchase/install new hardware Department*
Reinstall/update existing software Help Desk / TUHelp
Can't login to e-mail, TUPortal, or Blackboard Help Desk / TUHelp
Request NEW access to shared or network drive Help Desk / TUHelp
Can't access EXISTING shared or network drives/printers Help Desk / TUHelp
Cannot login to Windows (your computer) Help Desk / TUHelp
Help creating blackboard account or content Instructional Support Center
Reserve "Smart Cart" or equipment for your classroom Classroom Technology Support
Reserve "Smart Cart" or equipment for special event Department
Training on new or existing technology or software Director of IT
Printer jam or malfunction Help Desk / TUHelp
Printer supplies (paper/ink) Department
Computer won't turn on or serious malfunction Help Desk / TUHelp
Mouse or keyboard stops working Help Desk / TUHelp
Adapters, extension cords, USB memory sticks (flash memory) Department
Pick-up of unused or surplus items Department
Help with home computer Help Desk / TUHelp

*All requests for purchases of new office equipment or software must be approved by your grant P.I. or department chair.