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Evaluation Forms (via Watermark-Tk20)

Student Teachers, Mentor Teachers, and University Coaches will access Watermark-Tk20 (https://edtemple.tk20.com) to complete the forms used for progress monitoring and evaluation during student teaching. Reference copies of the blank forms are linked below.

Mentor Teacher Evaluation Forms

Tk20 User Guides

Tk20 User Guide Videos for Mentor Teachers

Stipend and Stipend Information Form

In order to receive your stipend, you must submit the  Stipend Information Form, along with your completed W9 (upload a scanned copy or send by mail), before the semester ends. After the Temple University semester ends, the stipend will be mailed directly to the home address you provide.

For questions or concerns about the Stipend or Stipend Information Form, please contact:

Ms. Mary Jenkins


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