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Previous Events

Owl Hour: Why Care About College?
October 28, 2021
This Owl Hour presentation looks at the Temple Education Scholars Program (TES) and the impact it has on supporting student access to college and success. Assistant Professor Jennifer Johnson, PhD, presents research around access and success as well as the creation of her class Why Care About College? Assistant Dean of College Access and Persistence Juliet Curci, PhD, explores the impact of the TES program, which annually welcomes a cohort of Philadelphia School District high school students to dual enrollment classes at Temple and provides skills for success.

Owl Hour: A Conversation with the Team from the Institute on Disabilities
December 15, 2020
Sally Gould-Taylor, Interim Executive Director, Susan Fullam, Director of Communications, and Lisa Sonneborn, Director of Media Arts and Culture, will discuss the Institute on Disabilities' long history of seeking out and successfully acquiring grants from a wide variety of sources, including a recent grant from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.

Owl Hour: Designing and Delivering Successful Online Learning with Dr. Patricia Slagter van Tryon, '91
October 14, 2020
Dr. Patricia Slagter van Tryon, alumna and ECU Associate Professor, shared many of her roughly 20 years of online learning framework, tips, tricks and planning process as part of the Temple's 2020 Virtual Homecoming Week to help teachers create and deliver safe, open and successful online learning content.  Whether you are in emergency creation mode or planning for next year's programming, there is something here for you.  You don't need to be a professional speaker video guru to do it; however, you will need to think about your audience, the messages you want to deliver, how you are presenting yourself, what support software is out there, how to connect with your students, and what parameters and avenues you need to which you need to adhere.  This presentation will help you consider these and other questions and approaches to create and deliver effective content.

To learn about how to design and deliver successful online learning, watch the event recording of Dr. Slagter van Tryon's typically 10-hour presentation boiled down to under an hour.