Ditto Present Wirelessly

Are you feeling confined behind the classroom podium?  Would you like to move about the room as you click through your presentation or scroll through instructional resources?  College of Education and Human Development smart classrooms now support wireless presentation.  Bring your preferred device – smart phone, tablet, Chromebook or other laptop – and share your screen wirelessly using the classroom projector and either the Ditto application (with any device) or Airplay (with a compatible device).   Using wireless presentation, you can present from the back of the room; “walk and talk” while you discuss online resources and tools; or bring the device to a student or group to interact and collaborate. 

Tips and Reminders

Protect your data!  Be cautious about entering usernames and passwords when you are sharing your screen.  Often sites display the keys as you type your password and you don't want to share that information with the room.  Toggle the screen sharing OFF before your enter your credentials into any site. 

Protect other's data!  Before you bring up that gradebook or student profile page, make sure you are not publicly sharing private information.  Get comfortable with how to stop and start sharing your screen.  Get in the habit of not sharing when you don't need to.

Sharing full video wirelessly may not be the best experience.  You may see some lag in the audio or buffering of the video.  The College IT staff recommends you use the dedicated computer in the classroom podium to share/present video.  

Get Started

When you visit the Ditto Connect page from your device and enter a room code, you'll be directed to download the Ditto Connect app. Ditto Connect is easy to use and works the same with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.  Here are the steps:

Get Help

Check out these helpful videos: